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Our Deacon Ministry team is dedicated to ministering to our families' needs.  If you are a member of Immanuel, you have a deacon.  We are currently updating our deacon family rosters. Please check back soon to find out who your deacon is for 2017 Please find this year's list of deacons and the alphabetical list of families they are ministering to this year.  

2018 Officers
Chairman: Johnny Dees
Vice-Chairman: Walter Ward
Secretary: Mike Courtright
 Mike Courtright Johnny Dees
 Jerry McDaniel
 Hartwell Morrissette
  Larry Shearin
 Walter Ward
 Jerry Watkins

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DeaconFamily Names
DeaconFamily Names
Jerry Watkins Alderson - Brown 
Larry Shearin Bryant - Dykes (plus Boze) 
Jerry McDaniel Eubank-Harrell 
Walter Ward Harville - Mosrrissette 
Hartwell Morrissette Nicholas - Russell 
Johnny Dees Scudder - Wright 
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